Toronto taxpayers spend nearly $10 million a year getting rid of food waste that’s not composted.
If the 800 million people who chronically experience hunger could be fed the food we waste, world hunger would be completely eliminated.
Save up to 3 hrs a week shopping online at instead of using conventional grocery stores.
Vancouver has the worst traffic congestion in North America (worse even than Los Angeles for the second year in a row.)
Avoiding impulse spending and save up to 23% on your grocery bills.
Canadians waste $31,000,000,000 of food each year.
1 in 3 calories of food produced is wasted.
Over 30 percent of fruits and vegetables in North America don’t even make it onto store shelves.
You will spend 5 years of your life waiting in line.
Food waste and loss creates 3.3 gigatons of greenhouse gas.
If food waste were a country, it would be the the world’s third largest of greenhouse gases, right after China and the United States.
One in four food purchases ends up in the garbage.
It takes 2400 L. of water to make one hamburger.
Each day in Metro Vancouver wastes 16,000 heads of lettuce 40,000 tomatoes, 80,000 potatoes, 32,000 loaves of bread, 55,000 apples, 70,000 cups of milk, 30,000 eggs and more….
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Waste less in 2016 with these tips to save: